Middlesex County Spongy Moth Monitoring and Citizen Science Program


The County of Middlesex has undertaken several initiatives relative to the LDD moth (formerly Gypsy moth, now also Spongy moth). This has included education and outreach activities, a passive management response for County-owned woodlands, and the adoption of a ‘Good Neighbour Policy’ relative to landowners adjacent to the County-owned woodlands.

We are pleased to let you know that a new Middlesex County Spongy Moth Monitoring and Citizen Science Program is being launched and we would also like to request your assistance to place materials in your local office.

This program is a partnership with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and landowners of Middlesex County and will provide select residents with an opportunity to trap moths on their property and provide the necessary data to allow the County and the CFIA to better understand both the geographical distribution and the population dynamics associated with the current Moth outbreak.

In addition to reducing the adult male moth population this initiative will encourage County residents to be a part of a citizen science initiative.

In order to facilitate the distribution of the spongy moth traps across the County, and to engage and encourage the community, we are asking for the help of our local libraries and municipalities. The County’s Forestry department would like to drop off a small number of traps and a sign-up sheet along with a poster to help promote this initiative. We are asking that the poster be set up somewhere prominent and that any citizen wanting to participate in this program receive their free trap after filling out the form provided.