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Municipality of Thames Centre
4305 Hamilton Rd
Dorchester, ON, Canada, N0L 1G3
Ph (519) 268-7334
Fax (519) 268-3928

Monday to Friday 8:30am - 4:30pm


Alanna Shaw -
By-law Compliance Officer
Anica Peter -
Human Resources Advisor
Clerk's Office -
David Barrick -
Chief Administrative Officer
Dog Licensing -
Dog Licence Information
Jana Nethercott -
Interim Deputy Clerk/Lottery Licensing Officer
Jennika Harte -
Customer Service
Sara Henshaw -
Interim Clerk/Manager of Legislative Services
Shannon Zylstra -
Communications Coordinator

Community Services & Facilities

Abby Malchesky -
Administrative Assistant Recreation & Fire
Devon Brown -
Parks & Facilities Supervisor
Dorchester Community Pool -
Pool Attendant
Karen Gress -
Senior Centre Coordinator
Kayla Elliott -
Senior Centre Assistant
Steve MacDonald -
Director of Community Services & Facilities
Tammy Butt -
Cemetery/Development Services Assistant
Thames Centre Playground Program -
Head Supervisor
Thames Centre Recreation -
Administrative Assistants
Tori Garrett -
Administrative Assistant Recreation & Fire


Chantel Crockett -
Councillor Ward 3
Danielle Lockie -
Councillor Ward 2
Michelle Smibert -
Deputy Mayor
Sharron McMillan -
Tom Heeman -
Councillor Ward 1


Jacques Boutros -
Fire Prevention Officer
Ken Armstrong -
District Chief - Thorndale
Nick Dorken -
Director of Fire and Emergency Services/Fire Chief
Tim Churchill -
District Chief - Dorchester

Planning and Development Services

Alana Kertesz -
Amanda Storrey -
Development Services Supervisor
Eric Boulard -
Chief Building Official/Risk Management Official
Marc Bancroft -
Director of Planning and Development Services
Mark Wijnker -
Deputy Chief Building Official

Public Works

Environmental Services Department -
Environmental Services
Jake McKillop -
Transportation Superintendent
Jarrod Craven -
Director of Public Works
Kevin Willson -
Environmental Services Superintendent
Tanner Stanton -
Engineering Technologist
Travis Pitt -
Drainage Superintendent


Bree Mandolesi -
Accounts Coordinator
Diane Gallinger -
Deputy Treasurer/Tax Collector
Emily Schinbein -
Director of Financial Services/Treasurer
Meghan Fletcher -
GIS Technician/Asset Management Assistant
Nicole Bowery -
Financial Analyst/ Purchasing Officer
Property Taxes -
Property Tax Information
Sherri Ridsdale -
Accounts Receivable/Revenue Coordinator
Tammy Hunter -
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Water Billing -
Water Billing Information